Friday, September 11, 2009

Visit from Jeanie and Hal

It's Xia again. We had a blast when Mommy's good friend Jeanie and her husband Hal came to visit from Sunday 8/30/09 to Tuesday 9/1/09. They live in Florida and were at the end of a 6 week trip where they were all over the East Coast visiting family and friends. They had done this a few years ago and stopped by when it was just Mommy and Daddy. The first thing they asked when they got here was if this was a different house? Mommy said no, it's just been kiddified! Mommy and Daddy and Grammy also visited them back in October of 2004 during their trip to Florida in Grammy's RV. What fun!

They brought me some really great gifts (I'm having a blast with the big container of foam stickers!) and I had a lot of fun playing with them while they were here. We were sad to see you guys go and hope to see you again soon!!

Here's a shot of me saying good-bye to them on Tuesday 9/1/09:

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