Friday, September 11, 2009

Enjoying Labor Day Weekend with the Volpes

Hi, it's Isa. We had a nice time over at the Volpe's house on Saturday 9/5/09. Little Gianna was under the impression that I would be remaining with them when Mommy, Daddy and Xia left. It's nice to be so loved by your God family :-)

Maryam loves to hold me:

And, as you can see, I love to be held by Maryam!

Isaac is enamored with my ears:

Vivi and Brian came over too. Vivi had a hard time telling the story of her sister making spit bubbles because I was feeling rather chatty:

And my big crazy sister had way too much fun running around with Isaac and Gianna. Apparently, in this game, if you fall, you are relegated to the couch with the armadillo puppet - oh the horror!

Hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day WEekend!

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