Thursday, September 10, 2009

This and That from Wednesday 8/26/09

Just a mishmash of stuff from Wednesday 8/26/09:

First, Isa is getting pretty good at holding up her head! And she has the most dazzling blue eyes...

She's doing very well in the exersaucer too!

Xia's drawing has taken on a whole new level. Here's the whole Zimmerman family! Mommy on the left, Daddy on the right, Xia on Daddy's head, and Isa floating in the sky with no legs. None of us have arms, but her newest creations do. Love it!

As the sun went down on the day, a flock of birds descended on the neighborhood. They were flying from trees in our neighbor's front yard across the street to trees in our backyard. The shades were drawn and the eerie shadows of the birds going over the house was incredible. These 2 videos give you some sense of it, but too bad we didn't get the recording started when it was MANY birds going over. This was just the tail end. Enjoy...


  1. Love the drawing, Xia. Great picture of Isa, what beautiful eyes!

  2. Thanks Grisely - it was great seeing you, Kaden and Eva on Sunday!