Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hands On House

On Friday 3/6/09, we finally went to the Hands on House. Grammy got us a year long family pass as she used to take my cousins there when they were little. She gave us the introductory tour this night as she is very familiar with the place. It is AWESOME! We had so much fun.

The braids Mommy put in that morning fell out during my nap, so she whipped up some wavy ponytails for me before we left:

So here I am feeding some corn to the friendly pig at the E-I-E-I-KNOW exhibit. I learned how farmer's grow food on today's farm:

I even picked corn and put it into baskets:

At the same exhibit, I drove a tractor:

And I helped to put some eggs in crates at the hen house:

Here Grammy and I are sitting on the stage at the MOSTLY MAKE-BELIEVE exhibit. They had a ton of dress up clothes and hats here and puppets and even microphones (behind us):

At the CORNER GROCERY exhibit, I checked out the cool cash register:

At the RAINBOW'S END exhibit I had fun playing with a GIANT Lite Brite. Mommy was very excited by this one too...

But I have to say my favorite exhibit was MARTY'S MACHINE SHOP and the world of how things work. Here I had to choose a job as I work on an assembly line and in the Maintenance Department. I really am a hands on gal, I must take after my Daddy who can take things apart, fix them and put them back together. He's so good at this kind of stuff:

I can't wait to go back!


  1. Looks like you had a fun time.

    I've been wanting to take Kaden here. This is on of the places I was thinking of to have his 3rd b-day party. Looks like he & his guests would enjoy it.

    I just love the large Lite Brite, brings back fond memories!

  2. We had a blast, the birthday packages look really good and reasonable; i think it's a great idea :-)