Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poor Herbie

You see, Herbie is my playmate and I like to do all sorts of stuff with him. I guess once my sister, Isa, arrives, I will have someone who can actually (at least in time) DO the things I ask. I always ask Herbie to hold one of my toys, but he just can't make them walk around the room like I can. Anyway, like I said before, he really does put up with a lot. Here we are on Tuesday 1/27/09 on a typical afternoon at home.

Herbie is peeking!! He's always peeking at me as far as I'm concerned and it makes me laugh so hard. Here he is looking through the blanket I through over the couch to make a little tent:

Next, I asked Herbie to put a bib on so I could feed him. Hmmm, it really doesn't look like he's having very much fun:

Later that day, Daddy and I went for a walk out in the crunchy snow. A thin layer of ice had crusted over everything. I got suited up and we had a great time (even though I fell down quite a bit!):

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