Monday, February 9, 2009

Awesome Sled Riding and a Snowman!

On Saturday morning 2/7/09, Daddy and I did a little sled riding since we knew the warmer weather was coming and it could be our last chance from the big snow. Daddy is a genius. He built a ramp on the steps out the back of our screened in porch by packing a bunch of snow on them. So we start there and end up way at the end of the back yard. Mommy was bummed that she couldn't try it out, but probably not a smart thing to do at 7 months+ pregnant. Here's video of the fun:

Then, Daddy and I did our best to make a snowman. It was hard because it's very fluffy snow and doesn't pack real well. But he sure turned out cute:

Afterwards, I had some yummy hot chocolate and cuddled with Mommy to get warm:

What's so amazing, is by the end of the same day the temperature had gone up to 58 degrees and the poor snowman was almost gone!

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