Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

I had a wonderful Easter with my family. I hope you were all blessed in celebrating Christ's resurrection as well.

It all started with my first Easter basket (since I was only 3 months old last Easter, my parents skipped that detail).

Due to all the chaos of late, this was a hand made job by Mommy. She used a cute bag one of my bday gifts came in and cut out pieces to make the card. She used some construction paper as the "grass". Turned out pretty nice I think (or at least Mommy hopes so). Here I am still waking up and taking a look:

I got a cool bubble maker from the Easter Bunny. Here you can see it in action:

Then it was off to church for a wonderful mass. The music was so beautiful with the choir, organ, and an ensemble with flutes, trumpets, guitar, violins, upright bass, cello, french horn - oh and some bells at points too. Amazing! The place was packed. Here are some photos, we really are lucky to have such a beautiful church, St. Mary's

No, I am not sitting in the priest's chair! But Mommy thought this would be a good shot. I, however, am very tired after quite a long mass. Time for lunch...

Then it was off to Willow Valley where Great Grandmom (aka MomMom) lives. She rents a room for us to all get together each Easter. This is Grammy's Mommy (Daddy's Grandmother).

Here I am with Claire and Brigid, my second cousins - long time readers have seen them here b4. Aren't they getting big (just like me!)? Guess what, in August, they will have a new brother or sister - yeah!

I finally had a BIG lunch, and got some energy. Brigid and Claire taught me "Ring around the Rosie". I think I caught on pretty quickly. And I think I kept up with them pretty well also:

Here's a really nice picture of the Shirks (Daddy's sister/my Aunt Kris, cousins Ally and Kate and Uncle John):

Another hunt for those brightly colored plastic eggs, aka an Easter Egg Hunt. Still don't like touching grass it seems. Here we are with our goods. Hey, where can I get me a pair of these fancy white gloves like Brigid? And when did Ally get so darn tall?!

The eggs were taped together very well, so Mommy had the pleasure of getting all of that off of them:

Thanks Mommy!

Well, I konked out around 4pm and home we went. What a busy, fun, Easter spent with my wondeful, loving family. I'm a lucky girl :-) Happy Easter everyone.

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