Monday, March 24, 2008

And the Zimmerman Run of Bad Luck Continues

So, in a former post, you heard about the big tree falling in a wind storm. Well, since then, things just haven't been the same. Not that I'm complaining, just seems a lot of bad luck hitting at once. Mommy's computer seems to have died in the power surge. We're not sure, but it's not behaving and Daddy has tried reformatting it several times to get it back to normal. Didn't work the first couple of times, things kept corrupting (aren't you amazed at how techie I am at 1 year old?!). We'll see how this last try goes...

Then, on Tuesday 3/18/08, our refrigerator died! So once again, Mommy and Daddy got to empty the whole thing out. They used our big cooler and a bunch of little coolers to hold it all with ice until it could be fixed on Saturday 3/22/08. We decided to wait for Sears where the fridge was purchased almost 5 years ago, since some of the parts were still under warranty. Luckily, the freezer downstairs, not even a year old, could take all the frozen stuff. However, that thing has been stinking and we were thinking it was dying too. Turns out when the power went out some chicken juice dripped down into some of the parts and needs to just wear off. Gosh, it stinks bad! Luckily, the freezer is fine.

So, on Saturday 3/22/08, Mommy did a huge cleaning on the whole fridge before the repair man came. Since it was empty, this was a good time to give it a good scrub. She had no idea it would take almost 3 hours however! So, I stepped in to help her:

Good news is, the fridge is now fixed. Bad news is it cost almost $300!!! Sears stinks. $60 to come in the house, $50 for the part and $180 for 15 minutes to remove the small part (fits in the palm of your hand) and replace it. Plus, Daddy wouldn't have even used Sears if it weren't for the warranty, but, that's right, you guessed it, THAT part was not under warranty. Gotta love it! Hoping Good Luck is soon on the way. Still, we're all safe and lucky to even have a fridge when you think of so many in the world!

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