Friday, February 22, 2008

This Week in Xia's Life

Mommy is running low on creative titles for blog posts today...

So here are a couple of photos of me that were taken this week. Gotta love the stripes with the red shoes, how stylish!

Moving in for another one of my priceless closeups:

And here it is... (note the "love" scratch from Herbie, I do torment him so, I'm lucky I don't have more marks on me!)

Here I am having fun with Daddy. He rigged up my ball popping toy to blow tissues in the air. He and Mommy thought it was hilarious and I just wanted to enjoy pretending to blow my nose:

BIG NEWS: I took my first solo steps yesterday, Thursday 2/21/08. My oh my did I get cheers and whistles from Mommy and Daddy. Don't they get it?! As soon as these legs are working, they are going to be even busier keeping me out of stuff - LOL

Today (Friday 2/22/08) the weather is pretty snowy. Mommy had a 2 hour delay for work, so we all went outside and I finally got to ride in the little sled they found for me at a garage sale back in the summer of 2006 when Mommy first found out about me. Too bad we haven't had much snow this year.

First, they had to bundle me up to the point where I look like the poor little boy in "A Christmas Story":

I look a little shocked at first in the sled. This is a new thing for me - sitting in snow! Plus, I really can't bend my arms or legs...:

Still not quite sure about it in this clip:

But, finally, I do give a smile to the camera. After this, we walked around the whole neighborhood through the deserted streets. I think I had fun?!

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