Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy President's Day

Xia here. We really didn't do much to acknowledge Washington and Lincoln today, Monday 2/21/11. It was nice to have Mommy home for an extra day. Our excitement was big time grocery shopping at Costco and Giant. It can actually be fun...

Here I am ringing the doorbell to a VERY cool playhouse we saw in Costco:


And a little movie Mommy took too (she's having fun with her new iPod Touch):

Then it was off to Giant where we love getting our free cookies (they give them out to kids, all you have to do is ask!):


By the way, I just have so much fun since our store was remodeled. We weigh all of our produce, label it, then scan all of our groceries using self scan, bag them as we shop, and check ourselves out. I help quite a bit and am getting really good at aiming the scanner.

After such a busy day, Isa was mighty cranky by the end of dinner. Here's a clip of Daddy getting her to laugh amidst throwing a fit in her high chair:

And more fit throwing when Mommy and Daddy were trying to clean up. "Up Mommy Up" or "Up Daddy Up" is her battle cry (Sorry, Mommy still getting used to taking movies on the iTouch):

I'm thinking she'll sleep pretty good tonight!

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