Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a Fairie Festival

It's the Mommy. We had fun on Saturday 5/1/10 at the Fairie Festival at Sproutwood Farm in Glen Rock PA. Here we are in line at the entrance - note the protesters at left. We were warned that we were crossing into the "river of fire" by attending the festival. ..

Xia had a blast amidst the huge bubbles:

Paula went ALL OUT on the costumes for Kira and Marlon. LOVE the fan wings she came up with. Kira was nice enough to let Xia wear a pair of her old wings. Note it was like 90 degrees on this day so we were ALL hot!

Xia kept wanting to climb one of the trees in the forest. She forgets that she's only 3 and kept getting stuck in there. Kira helped her:

Marlon didn't need ANY help. He's quite the tree climber:

Isa enjoys some beads hanging in the trees:

We even got to see some live blacksmithing:

Let's all sit down in the cool shade for a bit. Here's Isa with Aunt Paula:

Kira and Marlon enjoy some fresh-squeezed lemonade:

Back to the bubbles...

Let's pose for some photos:

Hurry, we don't want to miss Miss Posie's Tea Party! Miss Posie tells us a story:

Her helpers pour us some tea:

Hey, they're serving cookies with our tea!

Before we go, Xia wants to get some photos as a blond fairy:

We all made it home safe and sound. Some of us a little more wiped out from the day than others. Good times!

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