Saturday, May 15, 2010

Isa's First Birthday Party

Boy did we have a lot of fun on Saturday 4/3/10 celebrating my first birthday. It was actually Mommy's real birthday (she's 41 now). We had a small family party.

First, more fun with some balloons:

Here's the decorated porch:

Aunt Kathy's boyfriend, Hans, made this wonderful wooden toy himself. He carved it with the ring where you see it, it does not come off. Amazing!

Suiting up for my cake:

Mommy made me a nice healthy first birthday "cake":

Here's my big cake. I love me some Sesame Street!

One, two, three, all together now, "Happy Birthday to you..."

Here I go...

Mmmmm, that's yummy:

Xia is enjoying hers too:

Just us girls:

Now to the serious work of opening these presents:

Hey! It's a picture!

Xia 'helps' me open my gifts:

Great Aunt Joanne, Grandy, Great Grandmom and Uncle John watch me open my gifts:

Gee, thanks everyone!

I'm being decorated:

and again:

I'm thinking about walking:

My first few steps:

Ahhh, what a great day. Letting loose now that the big day is over!

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