Monday, February 15, 2010

Kid Fun Fair and Traveling Zoo

Xia again. We all had a blast on Sunday 1/31/10 at the Kid Fun Fair and Traveling Zoo that came to the Lancaster Convention Center. Unfortunately, the batteries died in our camera after a few minutes there. So, Mommy took some pics and video using her old cell phone; apologies for the quality.

First, we saw the unicow. This is a cow with one horn coming out of its head. Poor thing did not have a lot of room and did not look very happy. We kind of felt a bit sad for all of the animals. It can't be the greatest life - a life in a traveling zoo...

Here I am with Daddy and the unicow is in the background. How's that possible Daddy?!

Next I got to feed the many, many goats!

I skipped the elephant rides...

But was brave enough to ride the ponies...

It was funny, because Mommy and Daddy figured they wouldn't spend much money since I was afraid to ride everything at Dutch Wonderland over the summer. Not so anymore! I will ride anything!

Next I rode a train and got the great seat that let me ring a loud bell...

My last ticket was spent sliding down a big inflatable slide:

We had a great time and it was nice to be inside and out of the cold having so much fun. Seems I will not hesitate any more to get on rides - YIPPEE!! (Mommy and Daddy realize in the background "there goes the budget!")

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