Monday, August 15, 2011

Mardi Gras 2011 and Bats...

On Tuesday 3/8/11 we celebrated Mardi Gras with the Volpes (just like last year).

Here's Jim, Silas and Heather enjoying the feast of pizza and cheese curls (what else would you eat before Lent begins?):


And here's Gianna (well the back of her head anyway), Isa, Xia and Isaac enjoying the dinner:


Daddy is READY for the King Cake!


After we ate, Heather and Mommy needed to head off to Praise and Worship at the church where they would be singing with their band, Sound Doctrine. Well, you've heard of bats in the belfry, but have you heard of bats in the chapel? Well, apparently at St. Mary's Chapel where they do Praise & Worship with Eucharistic Adoration the 2nd Tuesday of each month, there are bats in the chapel! Just look at the proof:

I love how John uses a dust mop and Tim has the ultimate bat swatter (or is that a lid to a tub?) Anyway...

The good news is the bat was gone by the time Jesus was brought into the room! Definitely a Mardi Gras to remember!

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