Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gianna Turns 4!!

Isa here. We had a great time on Sunday 11/22/09 celebrating my God sister, Gianna's, 4th birthday! Before the presents and cake got going, Daddy had some fun with me clapping hands and playing "Hooray". Hooray is a great game I do all of the time now. Just say it and put your hands up in the air and I'll do it with you. And when I'm done, I'll clap my hands...

Here's a nice close up of me...

Here's Gianna opening some LEGOs she received as Isaac looks on with envy...:

Brian and Vivi joined in on the fun:

Gianna did great blowing out the candles on her Dora cake:

And my AMAZING Godmother, Heather, MADE this cake from scratch - WOWZA!!

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