Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Xia is Skippyjon Jones

Thanks to Mommy's coworker, Renee, for sending home a cool Skippyjon Jones mask. He's a very cool character in some very cool books. I think I wear his face well! These shots and video were taken on Friday 9/11/09:


  1. Hi Xia! I love your Skippyjon Jones kittycat mask! When you listened to the story, did you learn any new words or try repeating some of the made up Spanish words?
    Glad you like these books -- the author did you know she lives right in here Pennsylvania, just over near Philadelphia! How about that? Would you like your mommy to borrow a DVD about the author?

  2. There are so many words in that book. It's funny cause Mommy always gets tongue tied, though she's getting better (she even speaks Spanish so wassup with that?!) Sure, we'd love to see the DVD!